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Valentine Sweetie

Construction Time:

4 Hours


(3) Advanced

About This Project

Add a light and you watch your darling Valentine house come to life!



  • Carefully pop out all window openings. Save pop-outs. You can use them later to build a front step or add dimension to the shutters.

  • Fold all 4 sides of house along score line including side flaps. Also fold down roof supports.

  • Open house flat and place face down on your work space.

  • Using vellum cut windows measuring 11⁄2” x 21⁄2”.

  • Draw “windowpanes” using marker (fig1-a).

  • Place adhesive around window opening and attach to chipboard house.

  • Test adhesive first to assure it doesn’t wrinkle vellum. I find ZipDry Adhesive or glue sticks work well on vellum.

  • Note: windows are attached to inside of house.


  • Using Valentine cardstock cut 1⁄2”x2” strips. You will need 2 per window.

  • Attach shutters along both sides of all the windows.

  • Nudge shutters over window cutout slightly (fig. 1-b).

  • To give the shutters dimension, attach cardstock to a piece of chipboard 4”x8”. You may also use the window pop-outs. Glue sticks work best for attaching large pieces of cardstock to chipboard.

  • When the adhesive has set, trim around the cardstock and cut into 1⁄2” x 2” shutters (2 per window).


  • Apply adhesive to chipboard door and attach to colored or Valentine cardstock.

  • When adhesive has set trim around the chipboard.

  • Punch a door knob using scrap of colored cardstock and carefully attach to door.

  • Attach door to house.

Assembly of House

  • Carefully fold score-line on side flap of house.

  • With house face up, apply adhesive to flap. Use enough adhesive to secure a tight bond.

  • Fold the corners of house in and attach flap to inside of house.

  • Secure corners with clips and allow to set.

  • When the bond has set attach pink decorative trim to corners (see step 5).

Decorative Trim

  • Using rotary trimmer with scallop blade, cut 2 strips of pink trim 1” wide and at least 9” in length. Set these aside. You will use later to cover the edge of the base. Decorative scissors can be used if you don’t have a rotary cutter.

  • Cut out a chimney cap using the Chimney Cap template. Also set aside.

  • Cut 4-5 pieces pink trim 1⁄2” - 3⁄4” wide.

  • Cut 4 pieces of the narrow trim 6” in length. Fold lengthwise and crease. (Using a straight edge or ruler score trim by mark a line down center of strip. Press lightly to indent the trim. This will make folding the trim much easier).

  • Apply adhesive down center of trim and attach to corner of house.

  • Trim away any excess.


  • Fold center score line of roof creating peak. Also fold the score lines on the fascia (edge of roof).

  • Apply adhesive to fascia flaps and secure to under side of roof creating a secure roof.

  • Attach clips to corners and allow adhesive to set.

Chimney & Dormer

  • Fold scored lines of chimney. Apply adhesive to side flap. Fold chimney in and secure tab on inside of chimney. Attach clips to corner and allow adhesive to set.

  • Trim corner edges of chimney using above technique.

  • Fold score lines of chipboard chimney cap. Apply adhesive to corner tab and secure on inside of cap. Again, secure with paperclips until adhesive has set.

  • Trace the score lines onto the pink Chimney Cap that you set aside, using the template as a guide. Clip where indicated. Fold and secure corners with adhesive to form a cap. Attach to chipboard cap.

  • Apply a small amount of adhesive around rim of chimney and attach cap.

  • Punch out various sizes of colored hearts. Attach by cutting small slits in chimney cap and secure with adhesive.

  • Carefully attach chimney to roof by inserting chimney tab into the small horizontal slit in roof.

  • Fold score-line of Dormer.

  • Carefully attach Dormer to roof by inserting tabs into roof.

  • Using “snow” template as a guide, cut out “candy snow”. Attach randomly to roof. Follow guidelines to fold over fascia of roof & dormer. Attach “snow” to peak of roof and dormer following guides on templates.

  • Use thick “clear drying” adhesive to outline edges of snow and quickly sprinkle with a generous amount of crystal glitter. Repeat process on all snow pieces. Gently shake off excess.

  • You can add dimension to the chimney cap by adding squiggly lines of adhesive to edge and sprinkle with crystal glitter as well.

Attaching House to Base

  • Cover 9” cake round with colored cardstock and trim.

  • Apply adhesive to bottom of house and place on covered base. Press in place.

  • Let house dry completely before attaching landscape.

  • If you added a light, house will be attached to Styrofoam light base.

  • Optional: Trim can also be added to base of house.

Finishing Touches

  • Using the pieces of 1” trim you set aside, cut lengthwise down center so you have trim pieces that are straight on one side and scallop on the other.

  • Carefully draw the trim over the edge of a table. This will slightly curl the trim for easier attachment to the round base.

  • Apply tacky glue to the edge of the cardboard base and attach trim to cover the corrugated edge.

  • Optional: Glue 4-5 of the window pop outs together, lining up the edges. Carefully slide under the bottom of the door to create a front step.

  • Cut various flowers from colored cardstock and vellum scraps.

  • Create flower stems by cutting florist wire into 1”- 11⁄2” pieces.

  • Create a small circle at end of wire. This helps hold the flower (fig 3-a).

  • Attach various flowers to stems. You can give your flowers dimension by layering several flowers.

  • Attach flowers to base by poking a hole in base. Apply a small amount of adhesive to tip of stem and place in hole.

  • Optional Walkway: Cut small hearts from various scraps of Valentine cardstock and randomly attach to base creating a walkway.

  • Optional: Spray entire project with adhesive and add a light coating of glitter.

Download Instructions

Download PDF instructions. Includes all templates referenced above.

Valentine Sweetie
Download PDF • 660KB

What You'll Need

  • Adhesive (tacky craft glues work best)

  • 9” cake round

  • 8”x8” white vellum

  • 3 sheets pink cardstock, various shades

  • Various scraps of printed Valentine cardstock

  • Rotary paper trimmer with straight blade and scallop blade

  • Fine tip gray or white marker

  • Various heart punches

  • Various flower punches

  • Green wrapped florist wire

  • Straight pin or needle

  • Crystal Glitter

  • Spray Adhesive

  • Paper Hole Punch

Optional Supplies

  • Paper clips or small clothes pins

  • Removable tape

  • Craft razor knife

  • Glue stick

  • 4”x8” scrap chipboard (or use window pop-outs)

  • Chipboard LOVE (Me & My Big Ideas-Small Talk was used on this house.)

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