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Snow Village

Construction Time:

2 Hours


(2) Novice

About This Project

Add a lights to your snow village and you will have a darling holiday keepsake!


1. Building the Chipboard Houses

  • Carefully pop out window openings on side of house.

  • Pop out one on front. The other will be covered by the door.

  • Fold all score lines on house.

    Apply adhesive to side tabs and attach to inside of house. Repeat other side to form the house. Repeat process on all houses.

  • Fold roof along score line.

  • Apply hot glue to roof supports on house and attach roof. Hold until you have a secure bond.

  • Following Iddie Biddie instructions, fold and secure chimney, chimney cap and dormer, and attach to house.

  • Paint entire house white making sure to include inside of window and roof overhang. If using a non-aerosol paint, spray lightly with a sealer before painting.

  • Wipe away excess paint on inside of window openings.

  • Apply a little extra paint at corners of houses so the chipboard does not show through.

  • Allow paint to dry thoroughly.

  • Working in sections, apply glitter spray to completed houses and sprinkle with a gen- erous amount of crystal glitter.

  • Work from bottom of house to top, covering roof and chimney last.

2. Windows

  • Cut 9 pieces of vellum approximately 11⁄2”x2”. If you want window panes draw on vellum using a fine tipped marker. (fig. 1-a) .

  • Carefull apply adhesive around window opening on inside of house. Repeat process on all houses.

3. Shutters

  • Make shutters by cutting decorative cardstock into strips 3⁄8”x11⁄2’. You will need 2 shutters per window.

  • To give shutters dimension, attach cardstock to chipboard before cutting into strips

  • Attach shutters along both sides of windows (fig. 2-a).

4. Door

  • Apply adhesive to chipboard door and attach to decorative cardstock.

    When adhesive has set trim around the chipboard.

  • Add a door knob using black marker.

  • A

    ttach door to remaining window, covering the entire cutout.

5. Chimney Smoke

  • Cut a piece of 1’2 Styrofoam large enough to fit inside the chimney opening.

  • Secure with adheside.

  • Using a heavy needle or piercer poke a hole in center of chimney cap.

  • Wrap wire around a round pen.

  • Cut into 6 pieces and flatten each piece (fig.2-b)

  • Apply a drop of adhesive over hole and insert 2 pieces of curled wire into each hole.

  • When adhesive has set, trim excess wire and shape.

6. Attaching House to Base

  • Apply adhesive to bottom of houses and attach to base.

  • Spray top of base with glitter glue and apply a generous amount of crystal glitter. Shake off excess.

  • If you are going to illuminate houses, do not glue entire houses to base. Apply adhesive to back edge of house and attach to base. This allow you to access the light. Place an LED light on base in center of each house.

7. Finishing Touches

  • Attach various holiday embellishments.

  • Apply adhesive or hot glue to area that embellishment will contact the base.

  • Attach embellishment to base and hold in place until bond is secure.

  • This Snow Village was embellished using the CRICUT Christmas Cheer Cartridge.

  • Cut several trees of different heights using Tree Template. You will need 2 cut-outs for each tree.

  • Cut one tree in half lengthwise following guides on template.

  • Apply tacky adhesive to straight edge and attach to center of whole tree (fig 2-c).

  • Allow tree to dry and repeat other side creating a 3-dimensional tree.

  • Repeat process for all trees.

  • Apply adhesive/hot glue to bottom of tree and attach to base.

Download Instructions

Download PDF instructions. Includes all templates referenced above.

Iddie Biddie Snow Village
Download PDF • 590KB

What You'll Need

  • 14” covered cake round or rectangle cake sheet

  • 1 sheet White Frosty Vellum

  • Decorative cardstock for shutters and door

  • About 18” of 22 gauge white wire

  • Small wooden dowel or round pencil

  • Colored cardstock for making trees, snowman and reindeer OR pre-made embellishments

  • White acrylic spray paint

  • Spray Glitter glue

  • Crystals Glitter Adhesive

  • Hot Glue Gun and glue

  • 2” x 2”- 1⁄2” Styrofoam sheet

Optional Supplies

  • Fine-tipblack/gray marker

  • Decorative punches

  • CRICUT Christmas Cheers cartridge was used on this project to create the reindeer and snowman.

  • 3 LED (not included)

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