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Holiday Darling

Construction Time:

4 hours


(3) Advanced

About This Project

Perfect for winter. Add a light and watch your darling Holiday house come to life!


1. Windows

  • Carefully pop out all window openings.

  • Fold all 4 sides of house along score line including side flaps. Also fold down roof sup- ports. Open house flat and place face down on your work space. Using vellum cut win- dows measuring 11⁄2” x 21⁄2”.

  • Draw “window panes” using gray or white marker (fig. 1-a).

  • Place adhesive around window opening and attach to chipboard house. Test adhesive first to assure it doesn’t wrinkle vellum. I find ZipDry Adhesive or glue sticks work well on vellum.

  • Note: windows are attached to inside of house.

2. Shutters

  • Using red cardstock cut 1⁄2”x2” strips. You will need 2 per window.

  • Attach shutters along both sides of all the windows. Nudge shutters over window cutout slightly (fig. 1-b).

  • To give the shutters dimension, attach cardstock to a piece of chipboard 4”x8”. You may also use the window pop-outs. Glue sticks work best for attaching large pieces of cardstock to chipboard.

  • When the adhesive has set, trim around the cardstock and cut into 1⁄2” x 2” shutters (2 per window).

3. Door

  • Apply adhesive to chipboard door and attach to red cardstock.

  • When adhesive has set trim around the chipboard.

  • Punch a door knob using round paper punch and carefully attach to door.

  • Attach door to house.

4. Assembly of House

  • Carefully fold score-line on side flap of house.

  • With house face up, apply adhesive to flap. Use enough adhesive to secure a tight bond.

  • Fold the corners of house in and attach flap to inside of house.

  • Secure corners with paperclips and allow to set.

  • When the bond has set attach white decorative trim to corners.

5. Decorative Trim

  • Using rotary trimmer with scallop blade or decorative scissors, cut 2 strips of white trim 1” wide and at least 9” in length. Set these aside. You will use later to cover the edge of the base. Cut out a chimney cap using the Chimney Cap template. Also set aside.

  • Cut 4-5 pieces white trim 1⁄2” - 3⁄4” wide.

  • Cut 4 pieces of the narrow trim 6” in length. Fold lengthwise and crease.

  • Using a straight edge or ruler score trim by mark a line down center of strip. Press lightly to indent the trim. This will make folding the trim much easier.

  • Apply adhesive down center of trim and attach to corner of house. Trim away any excess. (Removable tape works well to secure trim if needed while adhesive sets.)

6. Roof

  • Fold center score line of roof creating peak. Also fold the score lines on the fascia (front edge of roof).

  • Apply adhesive to flaps and secure fascia to under side of roof creating a secure roof.

  • Attach paper clips to corners and allow adhesive to set.

7. Chimney & Dormer

  • Fold scored lines of chimney. Apply adhesive to side flap. Fold chimney in and secure tab on inside of chimney. Attach paperclips to corner and allow adhesive to set.

  • Trim corner edges of chimney using above technique.

  • Fold score lines of chipboard chimney cap. Apply adhesive to corner tab and secure on inside of cap. Again, secure with paperclips until adhesive has set.

  • Trace the score lines onto the white Chimney Cap that you set aside, using the template as a guide. clip where indicated.

  • Fold and secure corners with adhesive to form a cap. Attach to chipboard cap.

  • Apply a small amount of adhesive around rim of chimney and attach cap.

  • Carefully attach chimney to roof by inserting chimney tab into small horizontal slit in roof.

  • Fold score-line of Dormer.

  • Carefully attach Dormer to roof by inserting tabs into roof.

  • Using “snow” template as a guide, cut out “snow”. Attach randomly to roof. Follow guidelines to fold over fascia of roof & dormer. Attach “snow” to peak of roof and dormer following guides on templates.

  • Use thick “clear drying” adhesive to outline edges of “snow” and quickly sprinkle with a generous amount of crystal glitter. Gently shake off excess. Repeat process on all snow pieces.

  • You can also add dimension to the chimney cap by adding squiggly lines of adhesive to edge and sprinkle with crystal glitter as well.

8. Attaching House to Base

  • If you are adding a light, refer to “Light Instructions” available Tips & Tricks.

  • Cover 9” cake round with white cardstock and trim.

  • Using the pieces of 1” trim you set aside, cut lengthwise down center so you have trim pieces that are straight on one side and scallop on the other.

  • Carefully draw the trim over the edge of a table. This will slightly curl the trim for easier attachment to the round base.

  • Apply tacky glue to the edge of the cardboard base and attach trim to cover the corrugated edge.

  • Apply adhesive to bottom of house and place on covered base. Press in place.

  • Let house dry completely before attaching landscape. If you added a light, house will be attached to Styrofoam light base.

9. Finishing Touches

  • Optional: Use adhesive and glitter to reade dipping snow over windows and door.

  • Optional Walkway: Punch 1” circles from gray cardstock and randomly attach to base creating a walkway.

  • Flowers

    • Cut various flowers from colored cardstock and vellum scraps.

    • Create flower stems by cutting florist wire into 1”- 11⁄2” pieces. Create a small circle at end of wire. This helps hold the flower (fig 3-a).

    • Attach various flowers to stems. You can give your flowers dimension by layering several flowers.

    • Optional: Attach crystal to center of flower.

  • Window Boxes

    • Attach white cardstock to scrap of chipboard. Cut out 6 window boxes using the Window Box Template as a guide.

    • Attach 3-4 flowers to window box. Attach stems to back side of box so flowers appear to be planted in the box. Attach 2 foam dots to back of window box and attach below each window.

  • Optional Fence

    • Punch out 13 picket fences using a 3”x2” die and white cardstock. Sizzix was used for this project.

    • Connect 10 pieces together by overlapping ends, creating a fence about 30”.

    • Attach 3 additional pieces together for the trellis. When adhesive has set trim off top and bottom of picket to create a trellis. Run over the edge of a table to slightly curl the trellis. Attach to beginning and end of your fence to create a gateway.

    • You can create your own fence by cutting 2 strips of white cardstock 1⁄4” x 30”. Use fence template to pickets. You would need about 60 for the fence and 18 for the trellis.

    • Attach to base by placing randomly around house. Hold in place using straight pins and apply adhesive randomly to base of fence. When adhesive has set remove pins.

    • Attach flowers to base around fence by poking a hole in base, apply a small amount of adhesive to tip of stem and place in hole. Attach a few flowers to fence and peaks of house.

    • Optional: Spray entire project with adhesive and add a light coating of glitter.

Download Instructions

Download PDF instructions. Includes all templates referenced above.

Holiday Darling
Download PDF • 847KB

What You'll Need

  • Adhesive (tacky craft glues work best)

  • Rotary paper trimmer with straight blade and scallop blade (or decorative scissors).

  • Heavy green cardstock (trees)

  • 9” cake round

  • 8”x8” white vellum

  • 4 sheets white cardstock

  • 1/2 sheet red cardstock

  • Scrap green cardstock (leaves) & gray (stepping stones)

  • 4”x8” scrap chipboard

  • Fine tip gray marker

  • Various flower punches

  • Green wrapped florist wire

  • 3-D Foam Dots

  • Crystal Glitter

  • Spray Adhesive

  • Paper Hole Punch

Optional Supplies

  • Paper clips or removable tape

  • Craft razor knife

  • Glue stick

  • Small (#16) crystals for center of flowers

  • 1” round punch

  • 4”x8” scrap chipboard (or use window pop-outs)

  • 3”X2” Picket Fence die Sizzix- Picket Fence was used for this project

  • Straight pin or piercer

  • Light Kit CHL-01 available on our Etsy Shop

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