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Crystal Wedding Chapel

Construction Time:

4 hours


(3) Advanced

About This Project

Customize this chapel for any wedding theme.


1. Assemble Chapel

  • Assemble chapel, steeple per kit instructions.

  • Attach steeple to front on chapel and attach top of steeple.

  • Attach roof.

  • Allow adhesive to completely dry. (Removable tape works great for holding everything together while adhesive sets.)

2. Painting Chapel

  • Paint entire chapel & steeple white making sure to include inside of window and underside of roof overhang.

  • Note: If using a non-aerosol paint, spray lightly with a sealer before painting.

  • Apply a little extra paint at corners of chapel so the chipboard does not show through.

  • Allow paint to thoroughly dry.

  • Working in sections, apply glitter spray to completed chapel and sprinkle with a generous amount of crystal glitter.

  • Work from bottom of chapel to top, covering roof and steeple last.

3. Decorations

  • Apply adhesive to chipboard door and attach to colored cardstock.

  • When adhesive has set, trim around the door and attach to center of chapel.

4. Windows

  • Allow glitter to completely dry before attaching windows.

  • Wipe away any glitter on the inside of window openings.

  • Cut vellum into 8 pieces measuring 1 1⁄2”x 2” each.

  • Check adhesive on vellum before using. Some water-based adhesives will wrinkle the vellum.

  • Carefully apply adhesive around window on inside of chapels and attach window film.

  • Repeat for all windows.

5. Attaching Light to Base

  • Cover 9” or 10” cake round with colored cardstock.

  • IF YOU ARE USING A BATTERY OPERATED LIGHT....BEFORE ATTACHING CHAPEL: Lightly mark where the chapel will set on your base and cut a 2” circle inside the area.

  • Cut trim for edge of base from colored cardstock.

  • You will need about 5 strips that measure 8” x 1⁄2”.

  • For a decorative look use scalloped scissors for one edge. Trim should be straight on one edge and decorative on the other.

  • Carefully draw the trim over the edge of a table. This will slightly curl the it for easier attachment to the round base.

  • Apply tacky adhesive to the edge of the cardboard base and attach trim to cover the corrugated edge.

  • Follow “Light Instructions” to attach light if you are using a corded light. Use ONLY a C5 or C7 single light.

  • Cut 1⁄2” Styrofoam to fit inside chapel snuggly (for corded light only)

  • Place Chapel securely over Styrofoam base. Do not glue in place. This will allow you to replace bulb when needed.

  • Spray base with glitter adhesive and sprinkle with crystal glitter.

  • If you will be using this chapel as a table decoration and will not have access to an electrical outlet, replace corded light with a single or double bulb battery operated LED light. These can be found at most Craft & Hobby stores as well as online. You will attach the chapel to the base with adhesive.

  • To illuminate, turn on the battery operated light by turning clockwise.

  • Place completed base with house over the light.

6. Embellishments

  • Punch out small flowers using colored cardstock and vellum scraps.

  • Give flowers dimension by placing on a mouse pad and pressing the center gently with a stylus or a ball point pen.

  • Press hard enough to indent, causing the petals to flair up.

  • Attach to flowers together to give more dimension.

  • Attach crystal/rhinestones to enter of flower.

  • Allow flowers to completely dry before attaching to chapel.

  • Attach flowers randomly to chapel and up steeple.

  • Scatter single layer flowers in front of chapel door to create a walkway.

  • Optional Banner: Using Banner Template, cut one banner from colored cardstock and one from vellum. Add text to vellum banner and attach to front of chapel. Ends of banner can be decorated with die-cut doves or additional flowers.

7. Optional Shepherds Hooks

  • Cut several lengths of black wire 3-31⁄2” in length.

  • Bend to resemble a shepherd’s hook. Attach several flowers to hook.

  • Poke a hole in base using a piercer or needle. Apply a small amount of adhesive to tip of wire and insert into hole.

  • Allow adhesive to completely set and bend flowers into place.

  • Give entire project a light dusting of glitter spray and crystal glitter to highlight the flowers.

Download Instructions

Download PDF instructions. Includes all templates referenced above.

Crystal Weddingl
Download PDF • 618KB

What You'll Need

  • Tacky craft adhesive (I recommend Beacon’s ZipDry or 3-in-1 adhesive. It is very forgiving if you apply too much. Excess can be rubbed off . It also won’t wrinkle the vellum like most water based adhesives.)

  • 8”x8” white frosty vellum

  • 9-10” cake round

  • Colored cardstock

  • White acrylic paint

  • Crystal Glitter Glitter spray

  • Small flower punch

  • Small leaf punch

  • Scissors and/or Exacto knife

Optional Supplies

  • Battery operated LED Light (sold separately)

  • 20 gauge black wire

  • #16 crystals or Rhinestones

  • Die-cut doves or Wedding embellishments (QuicKutz-Dove was used for this project)

  • Clear Acrylic sealer

  • Small mouse pad

  • Removable tape

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